is intended to help readers learn about how to make money (online and offline) with niche and local directory websites i.e. how to start a directory website business.

YES! That’s possible to do.

This website will help you to figure out:

  • how to build your directory
  • directory niches
  • the various ways to monetize your directory
  • tips and tricks we learned from our experience of building our own directory from scratch and operating it

Our Philosophy

If you look at owning a niche or local directory website as a real business, you can make the money needed to quit your day job. 

In fact, we encourage you to have three major ideas about your directory:

  1. Think globally about it
  2. Think “Directory PLUS Content”
  3. Think Online AND Offline monetization

Our intended audience for is global; not just the major English-speaking territories of the United States, Canada, UK and Australia. 

In places outside of those major territories, we’ve found that there are vast opportunities to profitably operate directory website businesses, even against large, multinational companies like Yellow Pages and Cvent that may already operate in them.

Our Experience

I (the owner, Sherwin) am by no means an expert, but I do have the experience of building a directory website from scratch using WordPress, and then operating it successfully for more than four years running. 

I take that experience and try to educate you honestly on the lessons I learn from doing it myself daily. 

Please share your own experiences and questions with us and other readers in the comments of our blog posts.